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Spousal Visas for Ukraine
Americans who are already married to a woman from Ukraine must apply for a K-3 Spousal visa for their wife and a K-4 visa for each accompanying child. Admission of your Ukrainian wife and children into the United States based on your marriage is not automatic.

If you are not married and wish to bring your fiancee to America to be married here, please see "Fiancee Visa Home"and "K-1/K-2 Service/fee".

Our total fee of $595 includes Stage 1, Stage 2 and translations of all Ukrainian (or Russian) documents. K-4 visa applications are completed at no additional charge.

The process of securing a K-3 Spousal Visa for your Ukrainian wife includes two separate stages:

1. Completing an application for the USCIS approval, and
2. Preparing your Ukrainian spouse for her interview at the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.

Nevesta International provides the following services:

STAGE 1: Completing the K-3 Visa application for you and your Ukrainian wife and preparing supporting evidence.

  • Familiarize you and your Ukrainian spouse with the visa process and its requirements.
  • Collect required information from you by means of a simple, easy to use questionnaire.
  • Contact your spouse and collect her information using our Russian language  questionnaire.
  • Instruct your spouse in the Russian language on the documents and photos she has to provide us for your K-3 visa application.
  • Complete forms and affidavits for you and your Ukrainian spouse in accordance with USCIS requirements. We do not send you "K-3 starter kits" or ask you to download and complete your own USCIS forms like some services force you to do.
  • Check all the documents and arrange the evidence of your relationship so that it clearly and concisely supports your petition.
  • Complete certified translations of all Ukrainian (or Russian) documents into English at no additional fee.
  • Communicate with you when you desire it and answer your questions and concerns through the entire process.
  • Communicate with your spouse, in the Russian language, by E-mail or phone through the entire process.
  • Complete K-4 visa applications at no additional price.
  • Assemble K3 visa applications in accordance with the USCIS protocol and mail it to you for your signature.
  • We track the case status of your application throughout the entire process and contact you when it is approved.

Upon completing the above stage many immigration attorneys and visa services consider their job finished, however, only one half of the job is actually complete. After your application is approved, the paperwork will be transferred to the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine where your Ukrainian spouse will be interviewed. It is paramount that your spouse be well prepared for her interview and have completed her Embassy forms correctly. Don't worry though, Nevesta International is still on the job.

STAGE 2: Preparing your Ukrainian spouse for her interview at the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Explain to your Ukrainian spouse in detail what documents she needs to take to the interview. We will explain how to secure them in advance and how to navigate the bureaucratic "mud puddles" in Ukraine.
  • Assist your spouse in completing the forms she will receive from the US Embassy in Ukraine. Without professional assistance it will be difficult to complete the forms correctly.
  • Prepare your spouse for her medical examination and interview at the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine. We will explain the basic strategy of the interview and how it relates to your set of personal circumstances. We will advise your spouse of what questions she can expect to be asked.
  • Complete translations of all Ukrainian (or Russian) documents required for your spouse's interview at no additional price.
  • Communicate with your spouse by E-mail and telephone in the Russian language at no additional price.
Our total fee of $595 includes Stage 1, Stage 2 and translations of all Ukrainian (Russian) documents for the Spousal Visa. K-4 visa applications are completed at no additional charge.

Fiancee Visa Application

We can do even more for you.  In the event you contact us before you visit your intended wife in Ukraine where you plan to get married, we will provide you our pre-application services.

Pre-application services if you contact us before your visit with your future Ukrainian spouse.

  • We’ll send you to Ukraine with paperwork essential for the application process which will save you about a month of waiting time.
  • We'll give you an "evidence to collect guide" to take on your trip.
  • We'll provide you with detailed instructions, in the Russian language, describing documents and photographs your future spouse can prepare for you to bring back to America. This will save you a lot of time later and let you submit your application to the USCIS right away on your return home.
The cost of your preparation for the trip to Ukraine (pre-application services) is $30.
This amount will be deducted from the total Spousal Visa service fee when you come home and begin the process.

Spousal Visa Pre-Application Kit Click this button to order the Pre-Application kit through PayPal.

We'll send you the kit by E-mail within one business day after we receive your payment. We can also send it to you by regular mail if you provide your mailing address. Please tell us what country your future spouse is from in the "Message to Recipient" block when you complete your payment for the K-3/K-4 Visa pre-application kit through PayPal.

We also provide K-3/K-4 Spousal Visa support for countries in the dropdown menu:


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