Fiancee Visa Services  

Fiancee Visa Service for Marriage to Ladies From: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia,
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
and more ...








Fiancee Visa Service

To get started please contact us by E-mail and we will send you our introductory package, service agreement and money back guarantee.  

We accept payment for our Fiancee/Spousal Visa service by:

cashier's checks
money orders
postal orders
certified checks

Payable to:
Nevesta International


Fiancee Visa
We also provide K-1/K-2 Fiance Visa support for countries in the dropdown menu:

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Fiancee Visas K1
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Fiancee K1 Visa

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