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Please feel free to read testimonials and stories of personal relationships from some of our satisfied customers. 

Jesse and Lubov"Dear Tatiana and Jake,

It's been almost a year since I first contacted you. This was certainly in retrospect an excellent decision. Your service, the care and almost constant immediate attention is worth 5 times what you charge. Anyone considering the use of Nevesta international should without any reservation!! The reasons are simple to me now. You have been through the process and genuinely care for the people you work with for their benefit. You are honest. The BCIS is one be quagmire of delays and frustrations, particularly if you live in the Sunbelt states, where you must deal with the CA or TX offices. I was told point blank by both my senator and congressman offices that it was much better that I did not hire an attorney when trying to bring my fiancée' now beautiful bride Lubov here.

You also have an incredible advantage in that you could communicate with Lubov in Russian almost immediately when there was something else needed or when she had a question. Lubov told me Tatiana's regular updates were extremely helpful at some important junctures previously. Lubov and I were married on November 15 by the priest who also baptized and confirmed me many years ago. We are extremely happy and settling into a comfortable life together in FL after much travel and preparing for a beautiful wedding. I am extremely happy with my bride and she expresses the same to me often.

Thank you for being an invaluable link in the chain of us turning our dreams and love for one another into a reality. You made a challenging journey much easier than it would have been otherwise. Lubov and I are very grateful for your service and invaluable help.  

Warmest Regards,                                                                                                                 Jess Griffin, Boynton Beach, Florida"

"By late spring I was skeptical and desperate...not a good combination for a man in love. I had met Olga via an Internet site and had sent her a letter of introduction over a year earlier. I had followed all the recommended steps to build a long-distance relationship. I had traveled to Russia four times to meet Olga, her daughter and the rest of her family. I had asked her to marry me and she had accepted. Everything between us was going well, and it looked as if my days of loneliness might end.

Then I made a big mistake. I hired a visa service that advertised itself as experienced and bilingual. Four months later, I had completed only one short checklist of information, and Olga had received no communication from the service. When the guy finally emailed me that his Russian wife worked fifty hours a week at her job and didn't have much time to communicate with Olga, I knew I was in the wrong hands and must start again. I phoned Olga and told her that I was very sorry that I had wasted four months of our time; she said maybe it was our fate to wait a little longer. I was upset with myself and was losing my faith in people.

Then I went back on the Internet and found Tatiana and Jake at Nevesta International, and my troubles ended. What a relief it was to have Tatiana speak directly with Olga on the very first day and explain to her that American bureaucracy is just as Byzantine as Russian bureaucracy but that everything would work out. The process that Nevesta has developed to lend comforting assistance can be compared to midwifery: intelligent, skillful, comforting, effective, timely, and humane. Last week, Olga and her daughter arrived, and we are at the beginning of building a relationship between us and a family among us. I doubt that we would have our beginning without Tatiana and Jake, and I am profoundly grateful for their help.

John Merrill, Burlington, Vermont"

Anna and Henry 1"I started my journey to find a wife from Eastern Europe in 2002. I recognized the need for change in my romantic life and decided to investigate the opportunities presented by the opening relations to the former Soviet Union. I journeyed to Moscow first with a tour company and had an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Since it was my first attempt at this, I came back home with many questions and thoughts.

Through some strokes of luck, I had the opportunity to journey back a few months later. Through investigation on web sites, I decided to travel to the Ukraine. I did not know much about the country (I think many of us are ignorant of that part of the world), so I studied and Anna and Henry 2asked and went prepared to learn more. Upon my arrival in Odessa, I met Anna. And while I spend some time with other women, I saw Anna each day and we spent quality time getting to know each other. By the end of the stay, we both decided that we wanted to give a relationship and possible marriage a try. So I invited Anna (and her daughter) to come to US and begin a new life for both of us. 

While I was in Odessa, I met with an attorney who gave me some advice about the process to bring Anna to the US and started getting information. When I returned home, there was a somewhat dizzying array of resources to aid in preparing the proper visa papers for Anna. I did quite a bit of investigation and finally settled on "Nevesta International". I was impressed with their web site. It was a combination of clear and concise information, clear pricing and timeline information, and a personal story about their journey to love and relationship. After a few emails, I knew I was in good hands.

Anna and Henry 3Jake and Tatiana’s help was invaluable to me (and Anna) in preparing, filing, waiting for and concluding the entire visa process. They filled out the proper application forms with information from the both of us. They prepared a flawless presentation to send to the INS and kept Anna informed of every step we were taking. They answered every question with patience and wisdom and kept both Anna and me informed and at ease. Tatiana helped with translations of important issues that I needed to communicate with Anna about. The entire process was smooth and seamless. My highest regards and appreciation are in order for Jake and Tatiana. I highly recommend that any man contemplating a K-1 fiancée visa for a woman from Eastern Europe give "Nevesta International the opportunity to assist him.

Henry Fleischman, Cromwell, CT and Anna Sladkovskaya, Odessa, Ukraine"

“Hello Jake and Tatiana,

I want to thank you for the great job you have done with our visa for Jennie. I know we could not have done it without you and at a fraction of the cost of some overpriced lawyer. I checked around and the lawyers that charge $5000.00 or more do not offer the services and the support that you do. You have been there every step of the way for me here and for Jennie in Novgorod. Everything worked just as you said it would. Thank you for all that you have done. If anyone out there is looking for someone to help them through all the red tape with INS I would recommend that they call you first. It will be the best call that they can make!! Jennie and I hope to meet you one day so we can thank you in person. Please feel free to give our contact information out in case anyone wants to ask me directly.

Thank you again,
Charles Bruner, Warren, Ohio and Evguenia Kouznetsova, Novgorod, Russia”

"Dear Jake and Tatiana,

Svetlana and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service. We appreciate all the time you devoted to us answering our questions and making certain that our application was done correctly. It was a great relief to me that you called Sveta and spoke to her over the telephone when she was confused and getting ready for her interview at the Warsaw Embassy. When she entered the Embassy the day of her interview she heard so many untrue rumors from the other girls interviewing that day. But she was ready for her appointment and never panicked once. It was incredible that she got her visa the same afternoon! Having Tatiana coach her was a huge advantage for us.

We are very happy that we chose you over a lawyer and other services. I knew something was wrong when I checked the different state law bars and found the other services claiming to have legal backgrounds were actually made of DUI and real estate lawyers. 

Svetlana and I are doing very well and Dmitriy is excited to be able to start American school in the fall. You guys are just the best and we recommend you to any person who contacts you for service.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us!

Jonathon, Svetlana and Dima, Arizona"

"Dear Jake and Tatiana,Jim and Irina

Our new Leis family has had an incredibly special and fulfilling year. We want to especially thank you for being a part of it, and by your grace and helpfulness making it even more special.

This holiday season we wish you and yours as much happiness as we have experienced in the last months. And we hope that life's blessings will find you well.

Merry Christmas from our hearts,  Irina and Jim Leis, Newport News, VA"

"Hey Guys!

I’m getting ready to get Marina from the airport this afternoon. I can’t believe we finally made it with all the slow downs from the INS! Thanks so much for doing what you guys did for Marina and me. This is so cool I get to be with her again.

I really recommend you to any other man wanting to get married to a Russian girl. Tatiana made Marina feel good about everything, especially after that mess with the e-mails. I’m going to learn Russian so I don’t have to use that program that changes American words into Russian words. I thought she was never going to talk to me again. Oh, thanks for doing all the forms too. 

You are the best and I can’t even think about what would have happened if I didn’t use your help.

Tim, California"

"I want to thank Jake and Tatiana for all of their help. The process of getting a K-1 visa can be difficult and trying. Jake and Tatiana will be with you at every step and will do the most difficult work for you. Answers to my questions came quickly and accurately, and Tatiana wrote and called Lora to answer her questions in Russian. The process is long and arduous. The best thing we did was have Jake and Tatiana show us the way.

Jeff and Lora, Smyrna, Tennessee"

"Dear Tatiana and Jake,

Thank you so very much! I can’t express with words how much Peter and I are grateful to you for making our dreams come true! You aren’t only talented and professional in what you do, you also know a kind word and the right moment to say it, you always can comfort and support a person when it is needed the most. You are wonderful people and what you do for couples like us is a very important and needed business. The world would be better if there were more people like you in it. We wish you to have more happy couples that can be together as a result of your diligent, considerate and professional job. Thank you again and may God bless you!

With great respect,
Yuliya Fedosova, Chernivtsi, Ukraine"

Michael and Elena 1"My name is Mike Holt. In the early summer I came across a very special lady on the internet, as I looked at hundreds of profiles and personal descriptions on dating web sites. I noticed on that a very big part of this site was international dating. Many of my single friends in home town of Austin, Texas told me that the idea of meeting someone overseas was ludicrous. In fact, they thought that the idea of falling in love with someone you only met online was also just as insane. They were wrong. Since I was very young I was intrigued with Russia. Even as a teenager, I looked with keen interest every time I saw any images of Russia. When I was in my early 20's I was a state employee and chauffeur. Sometimes I would drive a lot of VIP's around Austin, including the Governor of Texas. One day the executive director told me about a recent trip he took to Russia. This was in the early 1970's and the cold war was ever-present on anyone's impression of Russia, at least through most of the media and information we were given at the time. But the director told me that Russia people were the most beautiful, warm, and friendly he had ever known. He went on to tell me that he had never been more comfortable in an international location. I always remembered his stories, particularly about Russia, because I asked him about Russia many times when we would drive around.

Michael and Elena 2As I said, I looked at a lot of pictures and profiles on the internet, but one picture really got my attention-the picture of my future wife, Elena. Her images, words, her spirit - jumped right out at me. And I was really pleased when she sent me a simple message, through kiss email saying: "You are interesting man for me - please write with your email address". So we moved over to Yahoo mail and quickly discovered we had a lot in common, including our love for animals. We also discovered Yahoo instant messaging and, within a few months we were online, instant messaging each other almost every day. Also, thanks to the internet, I found that I could buy internet calling cards for a fraction of the cost calling Russia from my home phone. So, eventually Elena and I were talking on the phone almost every day.

Finally, a very important day came - it was time for Elena and me to meet in real life. We had spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours communicating online and by phone. We had sent each other dozens of pictures, mostly online, of ourselves and our lives. But that's when my skeptical friends started telling me that this was all just a fantasy. It's true that some people, after knowing each other only from internet and telephone communication, are very disappointed after seeing each other in real life. All those hopes and dreams evaporate into a cloud of lost love and have to take a chance. There is always risk - and love, for both the Russian woman and the American Man, demands courage, faith, and nerves of steel. But if it feels right do it! And that's what I said to my skeptical friends who claimed I was on the verge of insanity. They are not saying that any more by the way. In fact all my friends and family love Elena and the guys are quite envious.

Before I flew to Russia, I contacted Jake and Tatiana. I had seen Jake's web site about American/Russian marriage and his advice on someone in my position was right on the money! I was now walking in their shoes. Also I noticed that Jake's wife, Tatiana, did translation services and offered to intercede in setting up reasonable and reliable taxi services in Moscow. She had contacts with a great taxi company that is much more reasonably priced than some of the others that, if you are not careful, can cost you a fortune. I told Tatiana in an email that our long awaited meeting was coming in a few days and I asked that she arrange a taxi for me and Elena. Elena was coming from her hometown of Tver to meet me in Moscow, so I needed to arrange for transportation for her, as well as me at the airport. I also told Tatiana that we were both really nervous and I will never forget how reassuring Tatiana was; telling me that this was all perfectly normal (to be so nervous), that our meeting in Russia would always be one our most treasured memories, and that all would be fine.

Well, my flight could not have had more problems. My plane out of Dallas had mechanical problems and I missed my connecting flight to Moscow in New York. So Delta Airlines flew me to Milan, Italy where I was to make another connecting flight to Moscow. The next morning, after so many hours flying, I was walking around in Italy not knowing if Elena was still in Moscow waiting for me or what! I thought about trying to call and leave a message for Elena at our Moscow Hotel but I didn't have a clue how to use the Italian phones. But eventually I boarded an Aeroflot Airline and a few hours later I was flying over Moscow! Finally after clearing Russian customs, I walked out of the customs room and much to my surprise there was Elena - waiting for me - in real life!

She was even more beautiful than I imagined and she had tracked me down though the Delta airline managers computer and knew exactly my situation and what time I would arrive in Moscow. So we took a Taxi that Elena had waiting for us and the rest is history. It was the most wonderful time of my life with the most wonderful woman of my life. After almost a week in Moscow Elena took me by bus to Tver and we spent some great times with her family, who openly accepted me and welcomed me as their future family member. By this time Elena and I definitely knew we were very much in love and wanted to get married. Finally, the only bad part - having to say good-bye at Sheremetievo Airport in Moscow.

Michael and Elena 3When I returned I contacted Tatiana and Jake and told them that I needed their services in preparing our fiancée visa. I had spent a lot of time on the internet researching the INS procedures and also reading a log of case histories from couples just like us. This is what I learned: when preparing your fiancée visa, mistakes can cost you dearly. Any mistakes are easy to make. If you have errors in the myriad of required paperwork, or you don't provide exactly what the IN requires, then you will be looking at extra months added to your separation from your fiancée while you and the INS try and straighten it all out. Of course you can hire an immigration attorney. But their costs are astronomical. I suggest you rely on Tatiana and Jake, who have the experience and skill to put a professional K1 fiancée Visa application together for you. After they had me complete a worksheet, where they had all my and Elena's basic information they began the process and eventually sent me the most professional fiancée visa package I could imagine, ready for me to send to the INS. And by the way, I suggest you contact them before you go to Russia, because if you and your lady decide to marry, there are some vital documents of information that you can start to obtain while you are in Russia. This will speed your process along as quickly as possible, for you do not want to have to wait weeks for your fiancée to have to send you needed papers. So contact Tatiana and Jake and they will help your process along from the very beginning, before you actually go to Russia. Tatiana also makes contact with your Russian fiancée, as she did with Elena, and I can tell you that it is very reassuring for your fiancée to be able to speak Russian with Tatiana and have all her questions answered in detail.

I was absolutely stunned, when I called INS one night on their hot-line and the automated message said "This application (Elena and my K1 Visa application) has been approved!" I immediately called Elena from another phone and played back the INS recording on the Speakerphone - we couldn't believe it! Again I attribute all of this to the professional K1 Visa package that Jake and Tatiana put together for Elena and Me. After our application was approved by the INS we went into the next phase of checking the U.S. Embassy's web site every day - sometimes twice a day, for the next step: Elena's interview at the Moscow Embassy. Finally, in a few weeks, the appointment showed up on the web site -
December 19th. Before the interview, Tatiana called Elena again and gave her own insights and advice for a successful interview, which Elena greatly appreciated.

Michael and Elena 4When Elena's very important interview date arrived - I felt her anxiety and excitement as I knew exactly what time she would be going to the embassy. I stayed up until 3:00am and finally the phone rang. It was Elena in Moscow calling to tell me that she passed the interview! I cannot tell you how great that feels - knowing that finally you and you your fiancée will be together again. I told Elena many times during our 7 month separation: "I live for the day when I will see you walking down the airport terminal in Houston." And a few weeks later Elena came walking down the terminal at Bush International Airport in Houston, where I met her. She was all smiles and very excited - and of course so was I. There are no words to tell you what a great feeling that is to see your true love - finally walking toward you - after having to say good-bye to them many months before on the other side of the planet. We got married at the Orthodox Church in Corpus Christ, on February 15th - a dream come true. And Elena and I are very happy.

Your dream can come true too, but I suggest you not leave anything to chance when it comes to the accuracy and completeness of your INS paperwork. The waiting process can and will be stressful; not knowing when your K1 petition will be approved, and waiting for the interview. But Tatiana and Jake can take a lot of the worry out of the process for you, and for a very reasonable cost. Trust me, it's worth it. My advice for you right now is to trust your instincts and get ready for Russia - the experience of a life time. And call or write Tatiana and Jake the minute you make your decision to buy that plane ticket. Best wishes for your success!
Mike Holt, Austin, Texas"

"Dear Jake and Tatiana,

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the absolute wonderful job you have done completing my fiancée visa application. There was much more paperwork involved than I imagined and I am completely satisfied with the professional product you have provided me. I would also like to send Marina’s thanks, in her stead, for the time and attention you gave her while she readied for her interview. You both are very professional people for which I am grateful for finding. Your business is the exception, not the rule, and the service you provide is as calming as it is diligent. Marina and I wish you the best in your future endeavors and will promote your service at any given opportunity.

Anthony, Illinois"

"I was looking for help to bring my fiancee over to me here in the states and searched the internet for a sure way to make sure the fiancee visa was a success. I wrote and called lawyers and did not think the $2K price was justified and then found the Nevesta ad online. The owners Jake and Tatiana emailed me back promptly and helped explain how the process worked. I asked the price of their help and found it to be reasonable. I sent the money to them and they started to work. I sent off for the INS form just to be on the safe side and see how confusing it was. Nevesta sent my fiancee and myself detailed instructions that asked many more questions than I could gather from the ins form. Nevesta contacted my fiancee in email and telephone calls that were long distance and not cheap many times over the application process. 

When all the information was gathered and sent in they compiled everything we sent in to them into a neat concise booklet in good order. I was very impressed with the detail work that went into the booklet for me to send to the INS. Then after that we waited and they sent a lot of papers for my fiancee to present to the INS for the interview at the embassy in Moscow. Nevesta was very patient with us during the whole process and kept in contact with us constantly. Then we were so happy when the application was approved. We then had to wait for the interview in Moscow. During this time my fiancee was given many phone calls to help her with what to say and calm her down before the interview. 

She was finally granted her interview and passed with flying colors thanks to the help we received from Nevesta. They were very instrumental in our success and I would recommend them to anyone trying to make sense of the INS network of confusion. I am in Afghanistan now on Operation Enduring Freedom while my fiancee waits at home for my return with the visa in her hand patiently. We talk and email and are waiting the day of my return so I can fly back across the ocean to bring her home to be my wife and we live in our home and raise a family one day. Thanks to Nevesta for making this all possible.

Roy Lee, North Carolina and Maria Badanova, Youshkar-Ola, Russia"

Tim and Irina

"YES YES! Thank you so much for your help! It was so fast!!!!!! From beginning to the end! I am so impressed with everything! If anybody needs the same kind of service, I will direct them to you. Thank you for being honest and more helpful than most people have been to me in my whole life. My thanks will never end to you and you won't ever be forgotten by Irina and me. I wish you both the best in everything you do... I will let you know when she arrives.

Take care Jake and Tatiana,
Tim Mikus, Eustuis, FL and Irina Krouglova, Saint Petersburg, Russia"



........ A few months later

"Jake and Tatiana,

This is just a note to tell you that Larisa and Veronika (Nika) and I are together in the states now, and are so thankful to you for all you have done to help us!!! We arrived here on 18 June, and have spent the last week showing them around the area. We went to Disney World on Thursday, and it was quite an experience for them. We are planning to be married on the 4th of July. We are planning a large celebration with fireworks and everything, (<grin>). It just seemed the perfect day to get married, since the celebration with fireworks etc. were already arranged. We thought what a great idea to have fireworks to celebrate our wedding and each anniversary from now on. Everything went very smoothly getting here as far as all of the legal stuff. No problem with the permission letter like you said, and customs immigration went smooth as silk. I don't know if we could have done it without your help, and I know definitely that it would have been much more difficult without your guidance. Again thank you from the bottom of our heart. We will gladly serve as a reference for your services in the future. If ever you have someone that needs convincing about your knowledge and abilities, just have them contact us. We will gladly tell them about the great job that you did for us!!!!!

Brad, Larisa and Nika, Clermont, FL"

Gene and Julia, Nashville, TNJulia and Gene

Terry and Valentina, Houston, TX terry and Valentina

"Hello Jake & Tatiana:

Vika got her Visa!!!!!

I just talked with Vika and she told me all about her interview in Kiev. She said there were 3 other women there in front of her. They each went in for their interview, but came out very disappointed as their applications had been refused. Vika was very nervous when she went in and the lady doing her interview asked very many questions, but at the end of her interview she was given a blue card and told her visa would be sent to her address very soon. Vika told me she went to the ladies restroom where she danced and screamed with joy. I can only imagine her celebrating in the restroom!! Vika said the other women thought she was crazy!!

Well, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are that you helped us with this process as I have talked with other people that have been trying for some time, only to fail in their attempts. Some of them have been trying for over a year. Vika and I met a couple in Yalta when we were on vacation there and they had been trying unsuccessfully just to get to the interview stage for over a year. They had been filing without assistance from anyone and had fumbled at about every stage. This story had made Vika very nervous to say the least and when the women in front of her came away without visas I can only imagine how nervous she was. So the dance in the restroom was to be expected!!

She wanted to express her deepest appreciation for preparing her for this interview and I want to also send mine. She said she was completely prepared for the interview and it went very smoothly. The interviewer even complimented her on the professional preparation of all of her documents.

So thanks again for your help.
Dale Hull, Ardmore, OK & Vika Andriyevska, Donetsk, Ukraine"


Ben and Irina"Hello Tatiana and Jake,

Thank you so very much for your wonderful work. Without you it would be very difficult for Ben and me to cope with all the formalities and requirements of the process. I've received my visa! I will be able to be together with Ben very soon. I'm so happy right now and looking forward to the day of our reunion as I've never looked forward to anything else before!

Thank you very much again. The job you do is very important and extremely appreciated.
Irina, Belarus"

"Hi Jake and Tatiana,

You guys are awesome and Irina and I owe you the world for helping us get this visa and making our dream come true! Thank you, thank you!! I couldn't have been more pleased with your services throughout every aspect of this visa process! 

Benjamin Quirk, Raleigh, North Carolina,"

"Dear Jake and Tatiana,

I wanted to write some words about my experience working with you that may be helpful to others who are considering your service. After many months of communicating with Nadya by email it became clear to me that this woman was a potential soul mate and I had to meet her. I started to research the K1 visa process and became totally overwhelmed. After doing many web searches, I came upon your website and was very impressed. It was so helpful that you could send me the complete packet of documents that I needed before my trip to Russia so I could be totally prepared to begin the K1 visa process when I returned home.

Jeff and NadyaAfter meeting Nadya in Moscow, I had no doubt that this was the woman I wanted to marry. It then became the most important thing in the world to me that the whole K1 visa application process go as smooth as can be. I did not want to take any chances that this application would not be successful. When I received the completed packet from you to be sent in to the BCIS I was so impressed at how professionally it was done. I knew even at that moment that your services were worth the money. I was very anxious during the waiting process to hear if the initial petition would be approved. I talked to you on the phone several times to speak about my concerns. You were both always available to talk and help to calm my worries.

Once the petition was approved my attention now shifted to Nadya’s visa being approved. I think Tatiana’s contact with Nadya both by phone and email was one of the best parts of the service. Nadya wrote to me several times about how happy she was to be receiving Tatiana’s support. I believe that this helped her to go into the interview with a lot of confidence.

Nadya’s visa has been approved and she will be arriving with her daughter to live with me in 3 weeks. We will be getting married one month after her arrival. This all seems like a dream come true. I believe that your service played a key part in making this dream become reality. I think the price was reasonable and well worth it. I would recommend your service to anyone considering the K1 visa process.

Thank you so much,

Jeff Turiel, Nashua, NH" 

"Dear Tatiana and Jake,

Tanya and I want to thank you both for all your help. Tanya just received her Visa today and we believe that without your help it would have taken us a lot longer. We have spoken to and heard about many other couples applying for fiancée visas and our wait has been much shorter than any of them.
It seems to us that having the paperwork in perfect order made all the difference. The preparation for the interview and prompt, accurate answers to all of our questions made this experience much easier than it would have been otherwise.
We will certainly recommend your service to anyone with interest in the future.
Again please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation.

Blaine Reynolds, Ipswich, MA & Tanya Kiryanova, Ekaterinburg, Russia"

david and Svetlana"Dear Jake and Tatiana, 

Svetlana, who is now my precious wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible service and great job you have done. We appreciate all the time you devoted to us answering our questions and making certain that our application was done correctly. Everything was done quick and right without any complications.

You’ve made the miracle happen and brought us together and now we are a happy couple. Without your hard work and contributions this could have been very hard to develop. Everything worked just as you predicted Svetlana and I are doing very well and Natasha is excited to be able to go to school. She already gained a lot of friends here in Arizona where we currently reside.

You are the best and we recommend you to any person who contacts you for service.

David and Svetlana 2Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us!
David, Svetlana, and Natasha!
Glendale, Arizona"

"Dear Tatiana & Jake:

Thank you so much for your notification regarding the fiancée visa. It happened so much faster than I anticipated. I want to express my appreciation to you both for the quality job you do. I am not referring just to today's notification, but to my experience throughout this procedure. I saw that some attorneys were willing to procure the fiancée visa for about the same price as you charge. I decided to go with Nevesta, because I felt that with your knowledge of the Russian language and having gone through the same procedures yourselves, you would be best equipped to do the job. However, although I was correct in my assessment of the situation, I could not predict your attentiveness to your responsibilities. You never once left me waiting for a reply to my inquiries, and you always did your best quickly and efficiently.
Please feel free to use this letter with any new prospective client, who like me a few months ago, wondered if I was making the right decision in choosing Nevesta.

Thank you for all of your help. 

Gratefully, Leonard J. Mitchell, Rochester, NY"

"Dear Jake and Tatiana,

Thank you, thank you!!!! What a happy day!!!
I felt it was coming and then - first thing I see today when I wake up - the approval from Nebraska! Fantastic!
Thanks for your reply and first of all thanks for putting together a perfect packet for me to send to Nebraska. I so greatly appreciate the sense of comfort you gave me in the process. I looked at several forums to help keep me sane through the waiting and noticed that several couples received RFE's or flatly were "refused", but I had faith that everything was in perfect order. You guys are great!

Again, I truly appreciate your help, truly!!!!

All my very best,
Dwayne D. Mullins, Boulder, CO"

"Tatiana & Jake,

I wish to thank you for all of your support regarding Natasha's fiancée visa. Everything went so smooth. Your professional expertise in this area and the support given to Natasha during this process must be commended beyond all expectations.

Thank you very much!!! Natasha and her son Vitali will be arriving on Oct. 20. Finally, the wait is almost over!

Joseph De La Paz, Chino, CA & Natalia Klimatcheva, Krasnodar, Russia"

"Tatiana and Jake,

Inna and I can't thank you enough for the fantastic job you did for us on our K-1 visa. She and her son Vova flew to Moscow last Tuesday, had their medical exams on Tuesday morning and their interview on Thursday. According to Inna, she was the most prepared person there and the interview was just a formality for her. She noticed that her application had already been marked approved when she met with her interviewer. He was a young man in his thirties and he and Inna conversed in English. He loved our pictures and wanted to know all about the locations to which we traveled. She also saw the results of the women who were not properly prepared. She and Vova were able to stay with a friend in Moscow which added a nice touch to the trip. Again, we both want to thank you for your guidance through this process. We are truly in your debt.

Thank you very much.
Inna, Ekaterinburg, Russia & Gary, Grandview, WA"

Refujio and Elena Martinez, Honolulu , HI

Refujio and Elena

James and Julia Romero,              San Jose, CA

James and Julia Romero

"Dear Tatiana and Jake,

I wish to let you know that you have another happy customer. Irina and Olya went to the visa interview and passed easily. I thank you for all the advice and encouragement to Irina, answering all her questions and the great paperwork. You both did an excellent job. I have recommended your services to Elena’s Models web site where I found Irina. The visas arrived the same day that Irina returned to Stavropol. So now she must pick the date to come to America.

Thank you very much.
Sincerely, David Sperring, Cary, NC"

Larry and Svetlana"My wife, Sveta, and I highly recommend the services of Nevesta. I looked at the possibilities including doing it myself or hiring an attorney. I personally hate working with attorneys. They have enough of my money.

I took the time to investigate Nevesta. After speaking with them I was convinced they could provide the support I needed to make our dream come true. They did everything promised with the utmost professionalism. I think it saved me at year in time and who knows how much money. It was so helpful to overcome the language barrier while Sveta learned English. I have decided to continue working with them for Sveta's green card.

Larry and Sveta, Cleveland, OH"


I want to thank you very much!!! Irina received her visa Saturday!!! Everything went so very smoothly!! You did excellent job! We are very happy!!!

Thank you very much for your answers to Irina’s many questions!! You helped her very much! She was prepared very well for the interview!!

Irina will arrive to me April 25-26! We have set a wedding date of June 10th! Your help made this process very easy for us!! Thank you very very much!!!!                          

Sincerely, Brian Martin, Lithia Springs, GA”

"Dear Tatiana and Jake,

Brian and I want to say thank you so very much for the job you've done preparing our documents for my fiancee visa. Your work was completed so professionally, intelligently and accurately that my interview with the US consular was very easy and stress free.

Tatiana, thank you very much for your prompt and easy to understand answers to all of my numerous questions. Thank you for your patience and attention answering them.

Brian and I are very happy that we used your company to assist us with the visa. Because of you the entire process was smooth, easy, without any difficulties and it was very expedient too (5 months total). I know other ladies who waited 7,5-8 months and who were very surprised to hear how quickly I received my visa.

My interview with the consular was in a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere. It lasted no longer than 5 minutes. The consular asked me some simple questions, complimented me on excellent preparation of my documents and told me that the visa is issued to me.

Brian and I are very happy that we will be together soon. We are very thankful to YOU for making our dreams come true. We wish success and prosperity to your company in the name of love and reunion of loving hearts from all over the world! We wish you health and happiness!

Respectfully, Irina, Saint Petersurg, Russia and Brian, GA"

Svetlana and Bryson, Stamford, CT

Svetlana and Bryson


Stanley, Natalia and Kristina,Tucson, AZ

Stan and Natalia 

"Dear Jake and Tatiana,

I want to let you know that Iryna and I appreciate all the help you gave to us. We could not have done this without you. You answered all our questions quickly and also were able to speak with Iryna in Russian which helped Iryna to have some peace of mind and complete understanding of the process. She will be arriving in September and we will be married in October. So again, thank you for your help and I would recommend that if you are searching for help Nevesta is the best!!!!

Michael & Iryna
Dothan , Alabama"


Michael and Iryna

John and Margaryta"Dear Jake & Tatiana:

I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the outstanding service you gave my fiancée, Margaryta, in preparation for her K1 visa interview. She was very well prepared and confident for her interview day. She received her approval and we both intend to use your services again after we are married to adjust her status.

I found your website after an agonizing, slow and unresponsive experience with an immigration attorney filing her petition. The difference with your service was dramatic!

Dealing with a US Embassy today seemed to us like talking to a wall. They sent no packages, gave little information when we visited them and seldom answered the phone. The K visa process has become a do-it-yourself project with your future happiness hanging in the balance. We also discovered that the Consular interview has become very tricky with new laws pending and it is easy to make innocent mistakes.

Your assistance was invaluable!! You walked us both through the entire task, documents and interview with complete knowledge and accuracy. Your explanations to my fiancée in her language instilled confidence from the beginning!! Your quick response to questions from us both was most appreciated.

I highly recommend anyone to use your services! I wish that I had found out about your company sooner, instead of trying the immigration attorney route. Your prices are extremely reasonable and your work is superb!!

We are both very happy with Nevesta International.


John and Margaryta, Tucson, AZ

"Hello Jake & Tatiana,

We are very grateful for the splendid job you have done for us,  we could have never accomplished this task ourselves, without your great assistance, I am sure I have made the correct choice when I choose the two of you to help with our visa, I know there are many firms out there doing K-1 visa's, I seriously doubt if they can match the care, quality, and  expeditious work the 2 of you perform on a K-1 visa .......keep up the great work.

Many Thanks
Bruce and Tatiana, Halifax, PA"

James and Elena"Tatiana and Jake:

As you know, our K1 was approved last week when Elena was in Warsaw. I'd like to thank you both for making this arduous process much easier. Though I'm a detail-oriented person, I could not have obtained the K1 visa without your help. Tatiana's writing to Elena in Russian was particularly beneficial.

Elena will arrive in the States January 27 and we will marry within two months.

Attached is a photo of Elena and I from my recent visit to Belarus.

Once again, thank you very much for your invaluable service.

James Larson
Billings, Montana

P.S. While other women had interviews of 30-45 minutes, Elena's interview lasted only 10 minutes and she was not asked to show proof of my visits. Was this due to our paperwork being in such proper order via Nevesta?"

"Jake and Tatiana,

Liubov has been in the United States since April 15th and we are planning to be married on June 8th.  Much of what has occurred and what will occur on June 8th is due to your outstanding assistance with our K-1 Visa Petition.  Everything went extremely smooth and there were no problems from start to finish because of your assistance.  Due to your assistance and advice we feel out waiting time, from start to finish, was much shorter than the "normal" waiting time.

We know of couples that have used so called "immigration attorneys" that have paid far more and gotten very poor service and results. 

Liubov had been concerned about her interview at the US Embassy in Kiev but it was extremely brief (only a few minutes, two questions).  You helped her by promptly answering any questions that she had prior to the interview.  She commented that some of the ladies that interviewed at the same time had to return for additional interviews because they did not have some information that was required at the interview.  Even though Liubov speaks English it was also extemely helpful that you were able to correspond and converserse with her in Russian. 
We would both "highly recommend" your services to anyone that is filing a petition for a K-1 Visa.

Please feel free to use us or this letter as reference of a "completely satisfied" client.

With our regards and gratitude,
John Hill, Martinez, GA and
Liubov, Sevastopol, Ukraine "

“Hello, Tatiana & Jake !

In all our excitement, we forgot to write and tell you the good news :o) Oksana was approved for her Visa the 25th of September and will be arriving here in Walla Walla 15th of October :o)

This has been a very long journey for us and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful job that you have done for us. Nevesta International has been a tremendous asset in obtaining the K 1 visa and it was done correctly 100 % as promised. Tatiana I wish to send my beloved Oksana's thanks to you. She was most comfortable in her correspondence with you and you answered every question that she had in regards to documents and interview questions, which gave here the greatest optimism and confidence in being prepared for her interview. She saw many that day who were denied visas and I can only wonder why. It was sad moments at times for Oksana. She was the first in line that morning and spent almost six hours with maybe 40 people and she of course spoke to many of them before her interview, for she was the last to be interviewed that day.I can understand, how seeing many people who thought they had prepared for this day and was denied walking past her in grief after many months of waiting only to be denied. When she told me of these people, I could hear the sadness in her voice and it troubled her very much. I know that the smartest thing that I did in this process was hiring Nevesta to take all the guess work out in doing the paperwork properly.

Now, it is on to our wonderful life together as beloved husband & wife and we have you to thank :o)

Our most sincere regards,
Robert Jay Percifield; Walla Walla, Washington
Oksana Kim Percifield; Tashkent, Uzbekistan"

"Dear Jake and Tatiana,

Yana and I would like to thank you for all the help you gave us in securing a fiance visa. For anyone who is considering using your service I would like to give my highest recommendation. You told us exactly how much it would cost, what would happen, when it would happen and what to expect throughout all phases of the process. The instructions were very easy to follow and the all our questions were answered very promptly and thoroughly. I spoke with a couple of immigration lawyers prior to making the decision to use your service and they seemed far less organized and left many questions unanswered after our conversations. Another great help was the fact that all communications to Yana could be done in Russian. For anyone who is considering using an immigration lawyer I would say to them save their money and use your service instead. It was much faster, much more attentive to details, far easier to understand all at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer.  Nevesta International's services are superior to that of legal firms in every way!

Thanks again,
Ward and Yana"


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