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After you complete the K-1 Fiancée Visa application, receive your visa and marry the woman of your dreams, you might think the paperwork has come to an end.  Unfortunately this is not true. You must complete another very important application to ensure that your new wife and her children can enjoy all the rights and freedoms granted to them by the US Constitution.

After the wedding bells have sounded, the American and his new alien wife must file for an “Adjustment of Status”. This gives the alien wife and her accompanying children “conditional residency status”.  After the INS receives your AOS application, they will schedule an interview that the American and alien wife must attend together.  Completing the application and evidence items is crucial so that her “conditional resident status” is updated to “permanent resident status” and so that she qualifies for citizenship; the final step in the process. 

Failing to file an AOS application can have devastating consequences that include deportation hearings, family separation and confinement.  It is very important to show the INS that your new wife and her children are becoming accustom to their new home by submitting the application and backing it up with evidence to prove you were married.

"Nevesta International" can complete the Adjustment of Status application for our customers who we assisted with a K-1 or K-3 petition. "Nevesta International" provides a detailed guide of evidence items to collect, completes all forms and documents and assembles the application for the USCIS approval.  All you have to do is follow the easy to use instruction guide, complete a questionnaire and enjoy your new family! "Nevesta International" does the rest!


Adjustment of Status application for a spouse of our K-1 or K-3 customer: $300
plus $60 for each child

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